Evripides Evripidou and Michael Johnson

“Two of Australia’s premier instrumentalists with backgrounds in Jazz, Folk and Classical, with original compositions drawing influence from Ireland, Spain and South America. All of the pieces are inspired by elements of the natural world.”

Evripides is a producer, composer, performer and one of Australia’s leading Bass guitarists. He has performed with many well known artists worldwide.
Michael Johnson is a composer and multi instrumentalist, but is probably best known for his work on the harp.  He has been the resident musician at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne for over two decades.
Breathe has been an ongoing project for Michael and Evripides for the last eight years.
“… Between Michael & Evri they have performed alongside such artists as James Morrison, David Herschfelder, Antonio Sachez and Greaham Goble (Little River Band)…”
Evripides and Michael, live at Paris Cat Melbourne